Here you will find all of my lists. Sites I own. Blogs I read. Media I'm engaging. Podcasts I listen to. This is the compreshensive source for my digital world.

My Sites

Matt and Ciara
Our Wedding Site!

Gramma Traversals
Journaling I've done while reading the Bible.

I have a blog over on IGN. Maybe some day I'll write on it.

I'm the web developer for my father-in-law's company.

Once upon a time, I was the site designer for Ethnos Church.

Ethnos - Disciplines
While at Ethnos, I developed a micro-site for a study of the Spiritual Disciplines.

Paul Ramey Band
For some truly hideous design work, visit the site I made when playing with PRB.

My Blogging Friends

Other Blogs and Sites I Read

My Podcast List

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